Welcome to the Nourish Hub

From the sociable nature of sharing food, to the formal training opportunities afforded via its training kitchen and education programme, the Nourish Hub is a place for communities to come together, eat well and learn essential skills for life.

About the Nourish Hub

We welcome you to our Nourish Hub, where you will be served delicious wholesome meals and learn about low-cost, nutritious eating choices.

Sustainability and healthy eating are at the heart of our work, from ‘rescued’ meals to our in-house growing towers, everything you eat and learn will support you and the environment.

Our Focus

Collaborate with local councils to re-design local green spaces into use as valuable community assets

Create accessible employment and skills training opportunities for local residents

Tackle food waste

Provide affordable and flexible co-working spaces for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Educate communities on low-cost, seasonal nutritious eating

Upskill local charity staff on nutrition and healthy meal planning

Facilitate employment opportunities through relationships with the private sector

Promote better physical and mental health, and improved life habits through healthy relationships with food

Our Impact

meals dished out
education and cultural events delivered
volunteers supported

Your Support Makes A Difference

Eat, Donate or Volunteer! Your support helps the environment and local community.

Working with local charities and social enterprises we provide support in a variety of areas, from social development to food provision. The money spent in our café goes directly back to our projects, developing opportunities for our community to grow, cook, learn and share. You can also help us by volunteering or making an online donation.