Burger & Wedges

A homemade burger and chunky wedges served on a plate

Seasoned as you like it, these homemade burgers allow the whole family to choose their flavour and the resulting burger is guaranteed to please.

Nuggets and Chips

Homemade nuggets and chips served on a plate with ketchup

The knowledge of what’s in the nugget makes this recipe soooo good. Crispy breaded oven-cooked nuggets with homemade chips uses up older bread to avoid waste and the family will love the results.

‘Love Your Leftovers’ Pizza

Pizza on a plate

Made from scratch and the toppings you choose, makes for the perfect recipe to get the whole family involved. Using store cupboard essentials and ingredients from the fridge makes for a surprisingly low-cost meal!


A creamy pasta sauce full of garlic and parmesan creates a little taste of Italy at home.