Highly Commended recognition for Nourish Hub by Imperial College’s Presidents Award

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“An excellent example of meaningful partnership, with innovative approaches to engagement. This close collaboration has resulted in strong outcomes and a tangible impact to the targeted audiences, truly enhancing community wellbeing.” Professor Maggie Dallman, Vice President (International), Imperial College, London.

Nourish Hub recently received a phenomenal accolade, bestowed by the panel of judges from The President’s Award for Societal Engagement at Imperial College, London (ICL). The team of staff and volunteers at Nourish Hub have created a warm and welcoming space that invites all communities to share food and time together which has been rightly recognised by ICL who have ‘Highly Commended’ the Hub’s staff and volunteers on the ongoing collaboration with ICL.

The hub has worked closely with Imperial college on a range of projects from Future Fridge, where members of the Imperial researcher team collaborated with Nourish Hub and the design team at The Liminal Space to stimulate conversations around the environmental and societal impacts of a variety of food. 

More recently, Oli, Helen, Amy, Andreea and Angus delivered a live cooking demo at The Great Exhibition Road Festival, ‘Scraps to Savoury’ which engaged with the audience and created lively discussions about how to reduce food waste.

Our incredible team of chefs at Nourish Hub have been repeatedly invited to cook at some of Imperial Colleges events over the last 18 months at the Invention Rooms including Community Partner Day, WellHome Air Quality Study and World Food Day.

Nourish Hub has also hosted a breakfast event for the winning project of the president’s award, WellHome, of which projects share volunteers; a true display of community-based projects, working together to achieve social impact and change.

The relationship continues to develop, and some team members enjoyed a special evening at the awards ceremony and look forward to continuing this incredible partnership. Ffion, Nourish Hub Manager wanted to express her thanks on behalf of the team sharing “Thank you to the panel for recognising the work delivered every day at Nourish Hub. We value the partnership which has provided greater opportunities for residents to connect and learn. We know that by working together, we are raising awareness and developing vital discussion around public health, social isolation and the environment.”

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